Our Core Beliefs


Follow and apply simple rules of investing in a deep rooted manner.


Keep calm and clear mind all the time.


Nothing is more important than behaving rationally to succeed in the equity market.


Equities Asset Class x Correct Strategy x Discipline x Patience = True Magic of Compounding Exploited!.

Why Rupani Capital Management?

Ethos, Transparency, and Commitment

icon We are independent, fiduciary, putting client’s interest first all-the-time.

icon Strategy performance tracking by independent third party entity. We proudly show the walk that we talk.

icon We eat our own cooking. "Skin in the game" with 90% of my and my family's financial assets invested in this strategy.

icon We value trust that our clients put in us to manage their hard earned money.

Common Sense Approach

icon At many firms, you work with a representative but someone else you never meet manages your money. We don't outsource our thinking to "the experts". We manage your money 100% in-house along with our money also on the line.

icon We are able to take difficult unconventional but rational decisions during all times in the market.

icon We dare to stand apart from the herd as we don't have career risk like most of our competitors.

Robust Investment Strategy

icon Long-term orientation which doesn't depend on short-term market forecast or timing the market.

icon Agnostic to any style, sector, or individual stock picking with single minded focus on risk management.

icon Capital protection attempts to keep big portfolio drawdowns in check all the time.

icon Risk management is the main pillar of the strategy.


Personalized Engagement

icon You get quarterly updates straight from Amit about how the strategy is performing and how your money is being invested.

icon If you have any questions, you direct it straight to the money manager, Amit Rupani, unlike other financial advisors who outsource the money management part to a third party mutual fund at an additional cost to you.

icon We are never too busy to promptly return your call or email. You will always be heard at Rupani Capital Management.

icon We hold your hands and walk with you throughout your wealth creation journey.

Who We Serve

Families & Individuals

Who says you have to be rich to work with a Portfolio Manager? We advise clients of all sizes managing the complexities that accompany building wealth.


We help businesses owners understand their retirement savings options. Options such as SIMPLE and SEP IRA plans are easy and cost effective ways for owners and employees to save for retirement Organizations.

Trust & Charitable Organization

We grasp the distinct financial needs of organizations. Our solutions empower them to maximize their impact by strategically managing their resources for their chosen causes.

Quotes That Shaped Our Investment Philosophy